These are some rules for people like you and I.

Wiki RulesEdit

  • Do not curse in anything, seriously I don't want visitors seeing the bad habits we share.
  • Do not link pornography in any wiki related stuff, this isn't the 21 and older wiki.
  • Do not spam comments.
  • Do not spam on message walls.
  • No threatening users.
  • No belittling anyone's opinions, keep your thoughts to yourself, horses and cows, uhh I mean dogs and cats, uhh ladies and gentlemen.
  • No sock puppets unless granted permission, it gives me a headache, trust me I know.
  • Do not make unwanted pages.
  • Do not post any sexual/pornographic content.

Chat RulesEdit

  • Do not curse constantly, you're not a sailor. 
  • Do not link pornography again, keep that funky stuff to yourself.
  • Do not spam or flood the chat.
  • No Chat Nuking, keep your visions of Wolrd War Three to your own wierd war infested mind o_o.
  • Do not chat sexual acts.
  • Do not insult people on public chat, you wanna fight like sissys go to pm.

  • Do not eat my tacos
  • Do not steal my pie
  • Do not take any of that popcorn on the shelf in the corner
  • I mean what
  • These aren't real rules
  • This portion anyway
  • Why am I still writing like this

Things You Can and Should DoEdit

  • Report if someone is breaking a rule and goes unnoticed by I or an enforcer
  • Remind people not to break rules when they think they should
  • Even if you're not an enforcer you can tell people to stop breaking rules, think of it as citizen's arrest, I can arrest you right now, son, just for reading this. Oh, wait, this isn't a law.