Ice Temple
The Wastelands of Russia was an abandoned city made of stone and ice built thousands of years ago. It was home to Evil Demon Ghosts. In the Wastelands is an underground kingdom believed to have a treasure chest full of gold in the throne room.


The Wastelands was abandoned by all civilized people, and only home to Evil Demon Ghosts. Thousands of years ago the Wastelands were known as Mirnoye Gorod, which translated in english meant: Peaceful City. But when a plague came and no one knew how to cure the ill, the survivors fled the city, leaving the dying to regrettably rot there. Once they died, their souls were possessed by the Evil Demons and came to gaurd the secret deep underground.

Thousands of years later, Montana was hired by a wealthy man, who lusted over the chance there might be a treasure chest, to travel to the Wastelands.


The Wastelands of Russia has no appearance in Temple Run and Temple Run 2. It is a fanon-based page for the wiki's sole purpose.

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