Aztec Temple
The Ruins of Tortuoso was an ancient Aztec city located in Mexico. It was home to Evil Demon Mummies.


The Ruins of Tortuoso was a city built by the Aztecs just before the end of their civilization. To make the perfect defense system, the Aztecs built a gigantic labyrinth surrounding the temple in its center. One could be lost in the labyrinth for an entire lifetime before reaching the temple. At the very top of the temple was a pearl in the middle of a booby trap, designed to cut off the hands of those who dared to reach it.

Five years after finding Ozai's burial, and already a millionaire, Montana was hired by David James again to travel to Tortuoso, translated: Tortuous, to find the lost Aztec Pearl. The pearl was worth more than any other artifact that Montana and his family would ever recover.


The Ruins of Tortuoso has no appearance in Temple Run and Temple Run 2. It is a fanon-based page for the wiki's sole purpose.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The page was named "The Ruins of Tortuoso" due to its vast labyrinth. Tortuoso, translated tortuous, means: many twists or turns or paths; a maze.

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