Adalan temple
The Ruins of Adalan 
was an ancient city in Africa built by the Adalans a long time ago. It was located in a remote jungle. The entire city was full of magic and power.


The Ruins of Adalan or Adalania were home to the native Adalans. The Adalan ruins were originally home to a temple to the Consumer. The Consumer was a mighty God they believed in, whom consumed all in irs path leaving behind a path of fire and agony. The outer area of the city had overgrown bushes and debris of the ruined golden temple. The temple at one time had a shrine to the Consumer. It was surrounded by cursed lava that made you insane when near it and see visions of hell.

The front pillars of the temple (which are collapsed) had pieces of emerald embedded in them. Montana discovered the collapsed pillars and dug out some gems and along the path found an Adalanian Crystal.


The Ruins of Adalan has no appearance in Temple Run and Temple Run 2. It is a fanon-based page for the wiki's sole purpose.

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