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The Forgotten Temple of Asia was a temple built as a burial for the asian warlord Ozai thousands of years ago. Along with the unknown location of where Ozai is buried, is treasure worth the wealth of billions.


The Temple of Asia was a huge and vast temple that made up a large portion of Asia's northern mountains. Like the Australian Ruins of Kanjura, it was home to Evil Demon Monkeys, much larger than those from Kanjura. One of the Demon Monkeys was a huge beast, even larger than any others of its fellow clan, that gaurded the treasure. It was larger than a normal sized car.

Years after Montana's quest at the Ancient Ruins of Kanjura, he and his family (Guy included) was hired by American historic collector David James to find the burial of Ozai. The first time Montana and his family came to the temple they had found mountains of treasure. One of the treasures was an Idol much like the one from Kanjura which attracted interest in all of them. Montana, unlike the previous time, decided to take the Idol. 

On their second trip to the temple Montana found the burial in the supposed center of the Forgotten Temple of Asia.

Appearance in Temple Run 2Edit

The temple in the second game took the form of asian architecture. It's landscaping was of stones, grass, lakes and rivers, mines, ziplines, and many dangerous traps.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Forgotten Temple of Asia is a false name, used for fanon purposes only.


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