The Ancient Ruins of Kanjura was a temple built thousands of years ago. It is unknown what civilization had
built the Ruins of Kanjura but one thing is sure: there are secrets deep within its realm.


The Ruins of Kanjura was an old and ancient temple that had managed to survive for thousands of years. It was home to a nest of Evil Demon Monkeys and great secrets that could mean the wealth of millions. At one time, Explorers, Montana Smith, Scarlett Fox, Guy Dangerous, and Karma Lee were exploring the ruins. Guy had found a gold idol. After numerous warning from his father not to touch it, Guy stole the idol causing a conflict with the Demon Monkeys. Unlike wanderers from the past, the exploration crew managed to escape.

Appearance in Temple RunEdit

The ruins in the first game didn't actually have a name but players had called it "The Temple".The landscaping of the temple was brick, wood, and rock.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Ancient Ruins of Kanjura is a false name for the temple because it is not yet explained that the temple has a name. The Ruins of Kanjura was a fanon-based title for the wiki. Also, it is speculated that the Mayans built the temple but not proven. With no actual proof of what civilization built the ruins, it is left "Unknown" on the page.


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