Scarlett Fox
Scarlett Fox
Cunning Escape Artists
Vital statistics
Position Explorer
Age 28
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5ft 9in
Weight Unknown

Scarlett Fox, the daughter of Montana Smith and Melissa Fox, was known for her capabilities of escaping obstacles.


Scarlett was born on Febuary 21, 1985 in Sydney, Australia. She was the sister of Guy Dangerous and Karma Lee. As she grew up her parents seperated. She stayed with her father, and learned how to survive in the wild. Unlike, her brother Guy, she was closer to her dad and came to respect him greatly. Raised by Montana, Scarlett became mature and clever to exploration. She learned how to escape from animals and beasts and on many occasions, Evil Demon Monkeys.


Scarlett Fox is a character in Temple Run and Temple Run 2 who can be bought with 10,000 coins. She is described as a 'cunning escape' artist.