Montana Smith
Montana Smith
Second Greatest Explorer
Vital statistics
Position Great Explorer
Age 49
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6ft
Weight Unknown

Montana Smith, father of Guy Dangerous,  Scarlett Fox, and Karma Lee, was known as the second greatest explorer ever, next to the long dead Knight Dolmor.


Montana Smith was born on July 21, 1965. Around the age of nineteen, Montana fell in love with Melissa Fox and maried her. Even after mariage though, Melissa decided to keep her last name. Soon, Guy and Scarlett both was born. Later on Montana had met another woman who would give birth to Karma Lee. Montana Smith constantly found himself exploring ancient ruins and temples. But where there was exploration, there was trouble, and Montana Smith found himself in a lot of trouble entering forbidden temples and stealing ancient artifacts.


Appearance in Temple RunEdit

Montana Smith
In the original game, he is described as the second greatest explorer ever. He is shown with a shaved jaw and a large hat that covers up his face. He can be purchased for 25,000 coins, making him the one of the most expensive characters.

Appearance in Temple Run 2Edit

In the game's sequel, Montana Smith is seen wearing the same attire, but doesn't hide his face behind his hat. He gearly resembles Indiana Jones . He costs 250,000 coins in Temple Run 2; ten times as much as his previous cost. Once again he is one of the most expensive characters. He doesn't come with a special powerup. He wasn't an original Temple Run 2 character, but was added later due to popular demand.