Guy Dangerous
Guy Dangerous
The Average Explorer
Vital statistics
Position Explorer
Age 26
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6ft 2in
Weight Unknown
 Guy Dangerous, an explorer, was the younger brother of Scarlett Fox.


Guy Dangerous, son of Montana Smith, was an explorer who quite often went on quests alone. Unlike his sister, his relationship with his father was not strong and they often found themselves fleeing into arguments. On one such occasion, Guy had stole an idol from the ruins of an ancient temple, even after Montana had told him not to. Now, Guy refuses to call Montana "Dad" or "Father".


Appearance in Temple RunEdit

In the original game, he embarks on a journey to steal the Idol from the temple. He is the default character, with red hair, a tan shirt, and blue pants with brown boots. He is described as just your average explorer.

Appearance in Temple Run 2Edit

In Temple Run 2 he appears once again as the default character and comes with the sheild powerup. He has red hair, the same blue pants and boots, and with the same tan shirt but appears more bloodstained and torn up than his last one. However, his pants appear green in death scene artwork.