Evil Demon Mummy

Long dead Aztec Chief, Udlaku, an Evil Demon Mummy.

Evil Demon Mummies 
were demon possessed dead bodies of an ancient Aztec Civilization that wandered around the Labyrinth of Tortuoso.


Unlike Evil Demon Ghosts, these creatures were actually dead bodies infested by a demon. The Aztecs had performed believed in afterlife after death so they performed rituals. The Evil Demons overheard and gave them their grim wish: afterlife serving them. One of the few things that made Evil Demon Mummies different from others is their ability to use weapons. Chief Udlaku of the Aztecs used a sword and shield in his mummified form.

Evil Demon Mummy girl

A female Evil Demon Mummy

Mummies of the Aztecs were often wrapped in thick cloth covering the entire body only revealing a demon skull at the head. Female Evil Demon Mummies, however, covered nearly the entire face, only revealing a skull at the eyes and forehead. They had wore gold and silver armor platings, depending on their rank previous life.


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