Evil Demon Ghosts
Evil Demon Ghosts 
were the most deadly of demon possessed creatures. They were believed to be the souls of the ill and the dying, thousands of years ago.


The deadliest of all possessed creatures, the Ghosts were demon possessed souls of the dead. They took the color of a pale white and were transparent but could become solid if they so desired. They had long oval skulls, marking them possessed. When looked upon, the Ghost will either become perfectly still or disappear entirely. They can move fast, and act deadly quick. One touch from a solid ghost would turn the person into an Evil Demon Ghost him or herself. Unlike other Demon Creatures, the Ghosts could travel anywhere, this is so proven when they were summoned at Tortuoso.


Evil Demon Ghosts has no appearance in Temple Run and Temple Run 2. It is a fanon-based page for the wiki's sole purpose.

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